How to Help Fund Your Honeymoon

As the costs of travel continually increase, it’s becoming increasingly more difficult for couples to honeymoon to their dream location. GoFundMe is the #1 personal fundraising site worldwide! Instead of, or in addition to your registry, you can ask your wedding guests to contribute to your honeymoon. Here are some perks:

♥ It’s free to launch your campaign ♥ Your donors are NEVER charged fees ♥ Keep every donation you receive ♥ Mobile-Friendly Campaigns ♥ GoFundMe Mobile App ♥ No penalties for missing goal ♥ No deadlines or goal requirements


Things to note:

♥ Fees are deducted from each donation. GoFundMe will deduct a 5% fee from each donation you receive. WePay deducts 2.9% + $0.30 per donation. *A WePay account is automatically created for you inside of GoFundMe during the sign-up process*

If you’re ready to start the fundraising process, peruse GoFundMe’s 6 Steps to a Successful Campaign

To read more about other couples and their wedding/honeymoon campaigns, click here ♥

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