Into Each Life a Little Rain Must Fall

You did it! You've spent the last year agonizing, crying, brainstorming and tearing your hair out over every detail of your wedding; through all of that you have found the perfect dress, the gorgeous venue, tasted a lot of cake, and learned a lot about yourself and your fiancé.  All of your sleepless nights are behind you as the final countdown has begun; it is the week of your wedding. You excitedly check your 7-day forecast knowing that you'll see sunny skies, and there it is, the dreaded rain cloud right under your wedding date.  It couldn't possibly rain on your wedding day, could it? Unfortunately, you cannot control Mother Nature but you can find ways to work with her. A Planner can help ease that burden by making sure your venue has a contingency plan in place.  If your wedding is indoors you don’t have too much to worry about aside from pictures, but that is where you can have some fun.  Buying a few umbrellas can make for some great Singing in the Rain moments.


It is important to remember a little rain never hurt anyone.  What may seem like a challenge can ultimately turn into the most memorable moments of your wedding.

Photo credit: Under the White Willow

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