Creating Your Guest List

Underthewhitewillow_kyle&whitney-31 Everyone is different when it comes to inviting friends and family to a wedding.  Some couples don’t have a problem figuring out who to invite and who to leave out, but for so many others it can be a bit of a challenge. The first question you have to ask yourself is what size wedding do you want.  You will also need to talk to each of your parents and see how big of a wedding they’re wanting for you, especially if they’re footing the bill.  Once you all discuss those details you can start making your lists.

Seems easy right?  Unfortunately, it’s not always that easy but The Knot has some great tips you can use as a guideline for your guest list.

Remember, it's your wedding; surrounding yourself with people you love whether they number 20 or 200 is what's important. ♥

Photo credit: Under the White Willow


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