Choosing Your Wedding Date

After you get engaged one of the first things everyone is going to ask you is when the wedding will be.  That’s a lot of pressure right off the bat, and you don’t have to decide on a date immediately. Take a couple of weeks to just enjoying being a newly engaged couple!  When it is time to set a date, here are a few tips to keep in mind: ♥  The first part of choosing your wedding date is the season. Keep in mind that late Spring through mid-Fall is peak wedding season, so this may be the time to avoid if you’re     looking for ways to save money.

♥  If saving money is a big concern for you, a great option is choosing an off day such as Friday or Sunday.

♥  Try to avoid significant days such as anniversaries or birthdays. Check with family members and friends so you’ll have a good idea of what days to avoid.

♥  Holidays are some other dates that aren’t necessarily the best option. While some holiday weekends have the benefit of having an extra day for festivities, you may run into higher costs for some vendors or other accommodations.

♥  If you’re into sports, keep some of the major sporting events in mind.  You don't want to have anyone constantly checking the score during the ceremony!

♥  At the end of the day, all that matters is that you and your fiance are happy, no matter the date you choose.


Once you have your date set, let the planning begin!


All You Need is LOVE and a WEDDING PLANNER

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