All You Need is LOVE and a WEDDING PLANNER

Many couples begin their engagement in anticipation of planning what will be one of the best days of their life. Even professional multitaskers find it extremely taxing to fully plan their own wedding. Typically, a couple will start by looking for a venue. Most sizeable venues will have an on-site Coordinator. However, Venue Coordinators are NOT Planners. They are solely responsible for managing the venue and the services they provide. They do not synchronize all facets of your wedding day, nor all of the vendors. Herein, we’ll outline the pros so you can decide if it’s right for you ♥ ♥ Coordinate of ALL the details, with everyone and everything

♥ Assist with fine details that may have otherwise been overlooked

♥ Possess extensive knowledge of the local market, so as to accommodate any request

♥ Communicate on your behalf so that you’re not inundated with phone calls and emails

♥ Troubleshoot all minor or major issues with ease

♥ Manage any family crises

♥ Alleviate the stress and exhaustion from all of the tasks

♥ Research and choose vendors based upon working relationships, experience and rapport

♥ Manage your budget

♥ Help with the costs associated with vendors so that you’re not over-charged

♥ Create structure timeline on the day-of so that everyone knows where to be and when

♥ Coordinate all day-of tasks (There’s a million!)


Before you decide to take on the role of Bride, Groom and/or Planner, sit down as a couple and consider how much time, financing and assistance you have available. Consider what a Planner can provide, including professional support. Wedding planners are not simply intended for couples with unlimited budgets, they are invaluable assets whose services are well worth the expense. If you have a demanding job, inflexible hours, busy family life, getting married in a destination city or if you simply feel overwhelmed by the details involved, hire a Planner!!



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