How to Budget for a Planner

image1[97] Although costs for a Wedding Planner vary greatly, hiring a Wedding Planner will assist you in making the absolute most of your budget! While it can appear to be a big investment, it is far worth all of the time and effort they spend to reduce your stress ♥ From the moment of engagement, couples start conceptualizing their dream wedding, and most have little to no experience planning and budgeting for such an enormous event. For most, it’s almost impossible to know how much your dream wedding will actually cost.


Sculptable Design has come to the rescue! Even on budgets ranging from $2,000 to $30,000, there are innumerable ways in which to afford your dream wedding.

♥ First, what type of wedding do you wish to have? Whether it be an intimate, romantic soirée or a rustic retreat, this will set the tone for your budget. Don’t focus too much on specificity at this point, considering that social media can easily overwhelm you. Keep it simple with clear, definitive incorporations (e.g., classic ceremony with a 1920’s gala ambiance).

♥ Second, talk financials. Most importantly, talk to your fiancé about how much you can and are willing to spend, comfortably. Include a talking point of how much time you can each dedicate to the planning so as to determine the best type of Wedding Planner you need (e.g., Day-Of, Month-Of, Full Service, etc.). Lastly, discuss any contributions (e.g., parents). This component varies from family to family and can range from paying a specified dollar amount or a particular facet of the wedding (e.g., rehearsal dinner, dress/tux, etc.). All of these aspects help you build your budget and assist with planning. One key factor that MUST be estimated is guest count. This will clearly drive how your budget will be allocated since much of what you need is either per person or per table.

♥ Third, set priorities. Have each of you determine your top three priorities for the wedding day (e.g., open bar, groom’s cake, limo, that photographer your best friend used, photo booth, etc.). This assists in focusing in on what’s most important so that you know where you can increase these budget items and reduce/eliminate others. In doing so, make your lists separately! This way, you’re both honestly assessing your needs before joining together to make such important decisions.

♥ Fourth, be real. Even if you have champagne taste on a beer budget, there’s MANY ways to plan and budget your wedding accordingly. If you dreamt of a 200-person wedding but only have $4,000, that is very unlikely to arrange.

♥ Fifth, time to plan! Now that you’ve done some research, it’s time to re-evaluate. What can you do to keep from overspending? What can you change to make it fit your budget? Is there potential for DIY? If your budget and vision are contradicting, you have to find ways to level the plan. DIY is a romantic touch because it adds a personal element. But at times, it can be costlier and time-consuming. Your Planner would know all the ins and outs of DIY and can help you decide on what can diminish budget costs while keeping in line with the theme.


Here are some perks about how a Sculptable Design can help you with your budget:

♥ We discuss and outline all of your must-haves and then associate a percentage to each item, in order of importance.

♥ We create a budget spreadsheet so that we can help you keep track of each and every expense, as well as your overall spending.

♥ We suggest ways in which to save money (e.g., change of venue, DIY, etc.). We have innumerable tricks and tips that are cost-saving!

♥ We help you understand the relative costs of each vendor and help you find the right vendor for your budget without losing quality of service.

♥ We have preferred vendors that we consistently work with, and through this rapport, we are able to offer significant savings to Clients who book with them.

♥ We have templates for every budget and guarantee to plan your wedding well within your means.


If you’re ready to start planning your wedding, and want the help of a Certified Planner with exceptional budgeting experience, contact Sculptable Design today! ♥


Stay Tuned!

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